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                                               Handmade in Nepal

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Luna-Leena designs her products in the Netherlands, such as keychains, decoration – home accessories, toys for children, stationery…all these sustainable products are handmade in Kathmandu. We are 100% behind sustainability and honesty. In the current throwaway society we want to show that production can indeed be done fair with a view to sustainability.

We produce our own collection and private label products, for hotels, stores, wholesale, restaurants or other companies.


Every product is handmade by women from Kathmandu. Our local teams make high quality crochet, macramé and eco-friendly paper products. All are made by hand and without the use of any machine. Together, we are keeping this traditional handicrafts alive!


Luna-Leena contributes to better life and working conditions for these women. They work together or individually from their own houses. Luna-Leena strives to further improve the daily circumstances of the production teams and to guarantee the high quality of our products. We are in almost daily contact with our Nepal team and visit them every year.


Sustainability and doing well for our environment are of great

importance. Luna-Leena contributes in several ways: we prefer to work with natural materials as: organic cotton, wool, jute, felt, leather, hemp, pure cashmere and Eco- friendly paper. The use of Azo-free dyes, GOTS certified, CE-testing, tree-free, acid-free, EAN codes, no plastics in the products. Every Eco-friendly paper tag on the products tells the Luna-Leena story of Nepal.

The impact of the production process on the environment is thereby limited as much as possible. We do more than Fairtrade!


Each of our products is unique and made with love 💚


Do you want your own sustainable production line or private label and handmade in Nepal, please send us an email.


Greetings Eléonore




Tel: 0031(o)651916263

The Hague – The Netherlands

Attn: Eléonore de Bruine

TICA Trends & Trade B2B – Aalsmeer NL (pink hall, booth D2 – kids place)